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Location: Iraq, Dahuk ,Malta/near Bnavi2 oil sation

Background Zana Assembly, established in 2012, is a local Non-governmental organization that provides humanitarian aids, youth support capabilities and community development. As a need for this community our assembly has been established by a group of talented youth. That time there have been many unemployed people and couldn’t find any work opportunity because of their low level of skills and experience. So, we tried to improve and develop community and grow the knowledge of youths in this community. Thus, they will be able to have wide work opportunities and be specialized in variety work fields. The government sector was over loaded so our activities were indirection to develop the private sector. Our organization provides assistance and financial support for the inventers who create and develop new tools. We will give humanitarian aid that can be committed to support vulnerable populations that have been faced sudden emergencies, disasters, crisis or require ongoing support or assistance to maintain or improve quality of life.

We work depending on four principles:

· Humanity: Saving human lives and alleviating suffering.

· Neutrality: Acting without bias or favoring any side during times of conflict or dispute.

· Impartiality: Acting on the basis of need without discrimination.

· Independence: Autonomous of any military, political, or economic objectives.

What we did (previous activities)?

- we have opened many courses for all ages (school teachers, high school students).

- In the beginning Shingal people displacement we conducted a campaign for distributing cloths, food and water for shingal IDP’s.

- We gave financial supports for the youth to improve their skills and support their small projects.

What we can offer:

· Training courses and skills development for community in the following fields

· Car Mechanical( such as electric system, black smith, engine and gear box repair and maintenance )

· Computer maintenance, programming and designing websites.

· Carpentry classes. · Installation of House holding electric systems.

· PVC and aluminum doors/windows manufacturing.

· Safe use of turning and cutting machines.

· Welding and casting all kind of metals.

· Human livelihood development skills courses.

· More information can be found at: www.zafsc.org -Due to the financial crisis that government passing through the financial support from government to all NGO’s been suspended so we are trying to continue activities by finding other donors.


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